What to Expect

We know that visiting a church can be intimidating, but we want you to feel absolutely comfortable and confident when you visit us. So, let us share some information about our congregation that might help you feel right at home.

Our church is open and welcoming to all. If you visit with us on a Sunday morning you will find that we are hospitable and friendly and want to make you feel right at home immediately. We believe in the old saying “Come as you are!” So do not feel like you have to dress up in a suit or fancy dress. You will find that many of our members do dress up, but some do not and that is absolutely fine.

If you have little ones with you, nursery service is available on Sunday mornings. Just ask anyone you see to point you toward the Education Building where our nursery is housed. Also, when you visit with us you will not be forced to stand and speak if you do not want to. There will be a moment when someone may ask you to raise your hand but that is only so that we can greet you and so the ushers can give you a visitor information card and possibly a free gift.

If you are wondering what kind of music you’ll hear, we love a wide variety here. We do use musical instruments (that is a shocker to some since we have Church of Christ in our name, but we are not part of the Church of Christ denomination) and we sing a variety of hymns, gospel songs, praise and worship songs, etc. We try to have something for everyone.

Hope this info helps and we hope to see you soon in worship!